The Indicator Arm

Dial Indicator and Stand

This simple, inexpensive device, our part number IA-10, will convert any one of our heavy duty stands into an indicating transfer gage. Our thirty-five (35) pound (16kg) “Heavy Duty Stand”, with an extremely rigid two 2 inch ( 51 mm ) diameter post, or the Mammoth thirty-six inch ( 36", 900 mm ) tall stand with an even larger three inch ( 3", 76 mm ) diameter post. There are three large, seven-eighths inch (⅞", 0.875”, 22 mm ) diameter hardened stainless steel feet on these stands that are precision lapped flat and coplanar which makes either of these stands an excellent transfer gage stand.

This standard three-quarter inch (¾", 0.750”, 19 mm ) diameter arm will fit directly into any of our standard ball bar clamps. The unique design of our ball bar clamp provides an extremely rigid method of holding this very rigid, solid steel indicator extension arm. The ten inch ( 10", 254 mm ) long indicator holding arm will provide easy access to remote areas of the part under test.

One end of this arm is truncated, and the right angle surface is threaded for a one-quarter inch-20 (¼”, 0.250”, 6.35 mm ) cap screw. This facility will hold any standard dial indicating gage. The other end of the arm is reduced to a three-eighths inch (⅜”, 0.375”, 9.5 mm ) cylindrical diameter. This is designed to hold a dial test indicator.

Indicator Arm Pricing

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