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The 3" × 3" Pre-assembled Kinematic Platform

Kinematic Platform
3" × 3" Kinematic Platform
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The 3-inch by 3-inch (76 mm x 76 mm) Kinematic Platform is now available as a plug-and-play device. This extremely small platform will carry an enormous 50-pound load. This is a petite design, but it is not a toy. Its robust construction uses one-half inch (0.50", 1/2", 12.7 mm) thick aluminum. When assembled, the overall height of this kinematic platform, from bottom to top, is one and one-eighth inches (1 1/8", 1.125", 28.6 mm).

Top Kinematic Platform

Kinematic Platform, Upper Plate, Threaded
KP-3-3-P, Top Plate
Part No.: KP-3-3-T, Upper Plate, Threaded
KP-3-3-T, Top Plate

There are two standard versions of the top kinematic platform. One version has a plain, flat upper-surface that our customers can custom-tailor to hold the apparatus they want to mount on it, or we will bid machining the details to your blue print or rough sketch, Part number KP-3-3-P. The second version of the top platform has eight 1/4" inch (6.3 mm) by 20 threads per-inch drilled and tapped holes around the edge and two additional holes on the centerline in the ", (1.25", 31.75 mm) inch apart. The top surface is ground flat. This version of the top is Part number KP-3-3-T.

The Kinematic seats in the top platform use three pairs of precision cylinders that form three vees. These cylinders are ground and precision-lapped to a surface texture that is less than 1.0 microinch (25 nanometers) Ra. These six cylinders are glued into three precision-machined trenches with a ceramic filled epoxy to provide absolute rigidly. The six cylinders are made of the same material and processed in exactly the same way.

This contrasts with commercial dowel pins that are used in competitive products. These ground-only carbon steel dowel pins are prone to rust and are very susceptible to fretting, which is one of the major problems of kinematic couplings.

Bottom Kinematic Platform

KP-3-3, Lower Platform
KP-3-3-CS, Bottom Platform
Bars used to replace Lower Plate and the Bottom of a Plain Upper Plate
3 Bar Bottom Platform

There are also two standard versions of the bottom platform. The first is a three-inch by three-inch (3" X 3", 76 mm X 76 mm) by one half-inch (0.5", 1/2", 12.7 mm) thick aluminum plate. Model number KP-3-3-CS, it is made for custom mounting to the mating structure and has three one-quarter inch (0.25", 1/4", 6.3 mm) diameter counterbored holes that will accept standard one-quarter inch (0.25", 1/4") or 6 mm diameter socket head cap screws.

This version is the truly a universal design. It will adapt to any optical table or tee slotted arrangement.Simple drilled and tapped holes will securely fix it to its mating structure. The second standard version of the bottom platform, KP-3-BAR, consists of three individual bars of the following dimensions: one inch wide (1", 25.4 mm), one half-inch thick (0.5", 1/2", 12.7 mm), and four-inch long (4", 101 mm).

Each bar has a super-accurate three-quarter inch (0.75", 3/4", 19 mm) diameter sphere, rigidly mounted on one end. There is a three inch ( 3", 77 mm) long, recessed-slot that will accept a one-quarter inch or six millimeter (0.25", 1/4", 6 mm) socket head cap screw opposite this. Also available is Part number KP-MG-BAR is also available to hold a powerful magnet for preloading the Kinematic Platform. In staying with an industrial design, this platform uses three large, three-quarters of an inch (0.750", 3/4", 19mm) diameter spheres on the base platform.

These spheres are not ordinary commercial steel bearing balls that are prone to rust and very susceptible to fretting. Our spheres are made of extremely fine-grained, high-chrome, high-carbon, stainless-steel, that is hardened to 58 HRC minimum. Their sphericity and surface quality are precision lapped to AFBMA instrument-quality grade 10. This quality provides repeatability that can be orders of magnitude better than the conventional commercial product.


Kinematic Platform

An additional feature of the 3 x 3 pre assembled kinematic platform is the availability of sub-plates. These inexpensive sub-plates are the full 3-inch by 3-inch (76.2 mm by 76.2 mm) and are one-quarter inch (1/4", 6.3 mm) thick. They are precision ground flat and parallel. There are three counter-sunk, one-quarter inch (1/4", 6.3 mm) diameter holes, that exactly match the hole pattern of the KP-3-3-T. This inexpensive sub-plate (Part number SP-3-3) has a plain, flat upper-surface.

3" × 3" Kinematic Platform Pricing

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